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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Themes of Charlotte's Web

     One of the big themes in Charlotte's Web by E. B. White is freindship/family. That applies to a lot if not all the characters in the book. I think the biggest relationships there are in the book are, Charlotte and Wilbur's relationship, and Fern and Wilbur's relationship. Charlotte and Wilbur  has a mom- son relationship as do Wilbur and Fern. But Charlotte and Wilbur's  relationship is way more intense. As all mom- child relationships go, usually the relationship is more intense and important as a toddler, because you get taught how to do stuff and you get good or bad broughtupsy. So that kind of explains the difference between the two relationships. Fern raised him until he was like 1 in human years and Charlotte had him until he was grown up and could fend for himself.
 In the first two chapters of the book it shows Fern and Wilbur's relationship. How Fern saved him from being killed for being a little runt. How she cared for him like a real mother would a child. She loved him so much that even in school she was thinking about him. On page 7 it says " ' Fern what is the capitol of Pennsylvania?' Her teacher asked. ' Wilbur,' Fern replied dreamily."
 After the first two chapters the setting changes to where Wilbur gets moved to Mr. Zuckerman's barn. In the barn at first he is really lonely and bored. None of the other animals aren't really nice to him except the goose. Then one night he hears Charlotte and as soon as they start talking you can see the connection between them. She is not mean like the others, she was more caring and answer his questions. Then throughout the book you can see their relationship growing more intense and strong. Then the thought that Charllotte had, to save Wilbur's life was brilliant. Everybody else was telling him that he was getting fattened up to be bacon and ham. Not Charlotte. She sacrificed everynight of sleep to save his life, just like what a real mother would do for his son.

Then by the end of the book Charlotte dies and leaves behind her egg sac with her real children and Wilbur takes care of them like a father would his child, jjust like Charlotte did for him.