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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Three Favorite Blogs

Gabriel Sturdivant
I like his blog because even though some of them were short, they got to the point. I like that they were funny, serious, and sometimes in the middle. And there was originality in all of his responses. He puts what he cares about on the blog, and you can tell.

Sarah Safran
I like her blog responses because they all really explain what she's thinking. Even though you haven't read whatever she read, you can still get a lot about it by just reading her responses. Also I think she really cares about the stuff that she writes and thinks deeply about all of them.

Jasmine Pacheco
I like her blog responses because she's kind of a mix between Gabriel and Sarah. Though some of her responses may not be that long, you can see that she really cares about what she writes and she puts a whole lot of details in her blogs. And I just really like the way she explains herself in the blogs.