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Monday, November 22, 2010

Picture Book Research # 2

       I think prostitution is a bad thing. No matter how poor you might think you are or how drunk or whatever, it's bad. I mean other than money that you probably are going to spend on drugs, since you're stupid enough to go into the prostitution "business", what are you going to get from ahving sex with random people for money.

       I also think that people who do these things are people who don't have respect for themselves and they think they are nothing. Personally I don't think that people should ever feel like that unless they're really trashy. And people aren't trashy. People make themselves seem trashy by doing these things among others.

       A lot people might not think that prostitution is a big important matter but it really is.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Picture Book Idea # 1

       Racial Discrimination is not a big thing for some people. Some people make fun of it, some people are really big on it, some people just ignore it. I'm in the ignore it column.
       This article is just ridiculous. How all of sudden names for teams can be racial. Like the name given, The Indians, how is that racist at all? It's not like saying, "The Black People". I don't really get how ,The Indians, is racist. I guess the name, The Denver Nuggets, is foodist.
       I just think it is ridiculus.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Social Awareness # 4

       In the book that I am reading now, The Water Dancers by Terry Gamble, there is the issue of forbidden love, and I don't know what you would call it but the guy is haunted by battlefield memories.
       There is the rich family in the book, The Marches, and then there is the servant. The marches son is the kind of sun that has his whole life planned out for him by his parents. He's supposed to marry this one girl and inherit his family busisness. But after a plane crashes into a boat he was on he can't walk, he is hollow. The nurse his family has to take care of him, is a bad drunk and is never looking out for him, always drinking. So they let the maid, Rachel Winnapee, look after him. He is unexplainably dran to her and the story goes on.
       This boy is supposed to marry this one girl, but she breaks it off with him after he get's injured, and it is not allowed for him to fall in love with the help. So that is the one issue.
        The other is that since this guy is in the marines he is always having dreams and daydreams about his marine memories. All the bad ones. I think that this comes up in a lot of books, and in life to where it leads to issue of social pressure, which leads to possible suicide. This also a big issue because it's not really something that people can stop and it will keep going on because that is the way the world is, it's a cruel world, and messed up with all the problems that come with it.

Social Awarness #2- Observe Your Surroundings (school, home, neighborhood, media)

People smoking right in front of you
People cussing in front of you when you have kids around
People pushing out of the way on the street
People talking really loud on the train, street, telling all their business

       I think that pne that really maddens me is when people cuss in front of you and your children (if you have any). Because I know we hear it all the time in school and stuff, but then when teenagers or somebody else comes and is screaming it in front of you, it kind of makes you fell like your parents think that is how you are going to grow, and that is what you are you are going to do when you grow up, and you really don't want to hear all of that. Your parents know you don't do, but I think they try to make sure it is engraved into your brain so that you don't do it.
       When my parents see that kind of stuff, especially my mom, she always llectures us about it, then off of that she'll go off into other stuff she doesn't want us doing then the lecture turns into an hour long conversation. My dad just simply says if I hear those words come out of your mouth, there will definitely be consequences.