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Monday, March 14, 2011

Extra Credit: Reading Response to movie and Book that I have read and Watched

       The movie (well not a movie) I've watched, and the book I've read is Heroes: Season 2. The books are comic books (which I don't usually read) and the series is all about these  main characters who have different powers, and people don't know it yet.I think that all of their powers are really cool, so let me tell you what they are:
Claire Bennet- Self Healing
Noah Bennet, -Nothing really, but he plays a huge rule in the whole show
Sylar- can absorb the powers of people he kills
Nathan Petrelli, - flying
Peter Petrelli, - before, in season 1, he used to be able to have the power of people he was around, now he has like everybody's powers because when he "killed" Sylar in season 1, I think he got Sylar's power
Hiro Nakumura, - can travel through time and space
Mohinder Suresh, - he is just like Noah, he doesn't have a power but he plays a very big role in the whole show, and he is a scientist for the people with powers.
Matt Parkman, - read peoples' minds
Niki Sanders, - can change personalities, but her other unusual side is way stronger, smarter, and more everything than she is.
Micah Sanders- can do anything with any electronic like he can go up to an ATM machine and just touch it and get money out of it.
West Rosen- can also fly
Maya- can kill people by putting a darkness in them and making them kind of bleed black stuff out of their eyes
Alejandro- when Maya's episodes come he helps her by kind of absorbing the darkness out of her, but he is immune to it.

 I think that the book is very different from the show, because in the show different things happen than in the books. It's just like any other show that starts with a pilot. They start out the same way as the book but then by the third episode it drifts off the plot line. Except the books I think were made after the show.

Even though they are different I think they are both very good.  I like the show a lot and I like the book not as much but it still very good.

The show and books differ a lot from regular tv shows that are based on books. Because first of all the books are all comics and they have very little dialogue and description. In the tv show they have a whole lot of dialogue and description, so I think that is supposed to be the other way around. Second the plot line is so messed up. Because in the first season as is in the books, there is this main phrase that says "Save the cheerleader, save the world". They have to save the cheerleader from Sylar.  Claire is the cheerleader and since Sylar can absorb any power of any person he kills, if he gets Claire he will be unstoppable in destroying the world because he can never die. Now in the second season, there is a whole new plot line of this virus that this company made that can stop the virus but will also kill 93 percent of the worlds population in just a year so, pretty messed up.

I think theis book and tv show is unique to other tv shows that are based of of books and it is also a really good tv show, I don't to much like the books.

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