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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Final Independent Reading Book Response

I 'm reading this book called Roses are Red, By James Patterson. I first found out about this book because I was exploring the other teachers blogger pages and I came across Gigi's blogger and a lot of others. She was talking about this book and how good it was. So I decided to give it a try and I don't usually read mystery books, I've never actually really liked just the idea of them.But I have to say, as my first real mystery book it was really good.

       This book is all about a guy who calls himself the Mastermind. I really believe that he is a mastermind by the way he plans out the bank robberies and killings that he orchestrates. It is also about this guy named Alex Cross who is trying to figure out who the mastermind is and catch him. Alex is the main character of this book and he is a pretty good detective, one of the best in the city and he can't even figure out who the mastermind is.

        I really like how the author, James Patterson, writes the book. He writes it so that the prologue is in the  point of view of someone who is working for the mastermind. Then the book is written so that almost every other chapter is either the mastermind or Alex. And even though he is a bestselling author for adults, I don't think that it's intentional, but he writes it so that even me, a thirteen year old, can understand. I like that he does that, I think he does it so that everyone can understand it so then everyone wants to read and then BAM! Bestselling author.

       While reading this book it was frustrating and thrilling not to know who the Mastermind was. I like mystery movies that have a huge surprise at the end. This one wasn't predictable like some mystery books.  I like how I wasn't able to figure it out until the end when the book told you who the Mastermind was. Also a lot of mystery books I read I sometimes get so annoyed at the repeating cases or something in the book that  I just look at the end of the book to see who or what is causing the problems in the book. This one I didn't even think about doing that. I liked not knowing who it was, but I also didn't like it and I felt like I was trying to solve the case with Alex and Betsy ( Betsy is a fellow detective but also she is a rebound for Alex's wife, Christine, who divorced him).  The reader of the book  found out certain things before Alex and Betsy because we have both the Mastermind and Alex's point of view but we both didn't know who the mastermind was. But of course I couldn't really do anything ( like scream at the book: that would make me look like a crazy person) if I actually did find anything out, I just had to wait with anticipation while the characters in the book tried to solve certain things by themselves.

       I think that the ending was the best (don't worry I'm not going to spoil it for you). It was just so shocking I didn't know how to react to it. It was just like, BOOM, you know. It left me with my mouth open for literally like a minute. After that I rushed over to everyone around me and tried to tell them about the book but I only got to my brother, Elijah, because I ended up making the description so detailed, he wanted to read the book and I just had to watch for his reaction.

       This book was so good I think that anybody would like it , I loved it. I like all kind of fiction books, but I have to say I never really gave the mystery books a try and this being my first mystery book that i have read was a good start, and I think that I would like to read more of James Patterson books. or just any mystery books.

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